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Specialist in high-quality resin products.

Aquaresins Technologies BV specialises in the production and development of synthetic resin products which - as an end product - are marketed under various brand names.
Resins Industry, for your industrial void filling applications.
Resins Agro, for your agricultural and planting products.
Benefil, for your structural filling & lifting solutions.
Insulation, for your insulating products.

aquaresins technologies

What is Aquaresins Technologies?

Aquaresins is the producing company of our high quality water-based resins. For the production of hardfoams and resin-injecting-materials.

What about the end product?

Our resins are used by our sister companies and partners throughout the world to create hardfoams for many different applications.
Each has their own speciality and location.
Whether that is creating water saving substrates, cavity filling foams, lightweight roof- or vertical gardens, lifting floors or insulating buildings and houses.

More info?

To find out more about what we do or how we could provide fitting solutions for your needs, we invite you to further browse our website.
Or ask us by filling in our contact form, and we’ll make sure our local specialist will get in with you as soon as possible.

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3 types of vegetables

Our agricultural solutions

We provide lightweight & water saving substrates made from our hardfoams for the following;

  • Hydroponics
  • Propagation
  • Lightweight soils solutions
  • Water saving on sport fields
  • Golf courses

“Twice the green, Half the water.”

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Enverifoam XD isolatie - Enverifoam XD insulation
Enverifoam XD Home insulation

Insulating Hardfoams?

Aquaresins now also provides the base materials for production of insulating hardfoams.


Enveriline is the product-line set up for all our insulating solutions.

Currently, EnveriFoam XD & EnveriFoam Lite use our resins as a base component.

For more information about XD, Lite and our other insulating products we’d like to invite you to the Enveriline website.

Gas line filling

Our industrial applications

For the industrial applications we create hardfoams in various densities depending on the job-specific requeries.
With our hardfoams the following, a.o. can be filled.

  • Redundant pipelines
    • Water, gas or petrochemical transport lines
    • Sewers
  • Washed out soils
    • Quay walls
    • Around leaking pipes
    • Underground waterways
  • Voids
    • Wells
    • Shafts
    • Cavities
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Benefil Rotterdam Harbour Container Terminal

Our structural solutions

Like our industrial applications, we can fill almost any void.

Using a high density hardfoam, the following list sums up a few possibilities of use providing structural strength to the area.

  • Quay wall filling
  • Floor lifting
  • Soil stabilising injections
  • Road injections
  • Cavity filling


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