History of Aquaresins Technologies.

The Aquaresins Technologies Group (A.R.T.) of companies was founded 36 years ago, in 1984.
Through these 36 years, we've continuously developed our resins and hardfoams to supply our customers needs.


The Beginning

In 1984, the hardfoam we know today was developed.
Still in it’s early stages, unknown how versatile it’d turn out to be.

It was initially created and used to provide a solution for superficial oil spillage using an aminoplast hardfoam.
Then, over the next few years, it rapidly developed into a concept to fill oil tanks for safe remediation.

The 90's

Development in groundwork, road construction, railways and civil engineering.

The raw material for foam production, being our uniquely developed resin which was the basis for further development of the company.

Over the years the development, production technique and quality control of the resins and hardfoams were further improved and optimised. As a result, allowing new direct and non-direct related applications to be developed.

Since the late 80’s and throughout the 1990’s Aquaresins really developed a firm position, endeavouring into new markets like filling redundant pipelines and tank decommissioning with our hardfoams.

Resins Industry
Fytofoam flakes


Introducing plant growth

In 1997 was the basis for Resins Agro.
In this year all plans got finalised for the building of the greenhouse that will be used for the production, drying and packaging of Fytocell, Hydroflakes and all other substrates and growing media.

For many years after, Druten has been the base for the production of our substrates before our partners took over parts of this business to save on transport by producing the foam on on site or in their local facilities.

Resins Agro
About Aquaresins
This was another proof that the foams we make are very environmentally friendly.

Even more markets and cooperations in

The Early 2000's

Presently the company consists of several limited companies, one per application and a network of daughter and dealer organisations throughout the world.

Aquaresins Technologies’s head-office is in The Netherlands. This is also where the main resin factory is located. (Our second factory, in Mexico, finished in 2017)
The hardfoams are produced in The Netherlands, Australia, United Kingdom, and many other countries worldwide.

The ART of Foam;

Aqua Resins Technologies.
Beside the fact that this name is chosen for the reason that we do produce our resin on a water base. Hence “Aqua”Resins.

ART is the artist of resins & foams

Aquaresins uses this phrase with pride: “The ART of Foam”


Insulating with foam!

We continued to develop new products, markets and possibilities.

In 2016 we got a new break-trough! We can now safely and successfully insulate cavity walls of homes, offices and other buildings.
This has to be one of our biggest achievements so far. And like all development, this has made it possible for us to even further improve our materials in our existing lines of business too.

Enveriline branding started in The Netherlands. While now we are steadily spreading out to other countries.
Currently the brand is also marketed in Belgium, Scandinavia and Spain.


Insulating Solutions
Our factory location in Mexico


New resin factory in Mexico!

Due to our ever growing market we are also growing in the Americas. Therefore we decided to build a new resin factory in Mexico. A local and central production plant to supply the whole continent, North and South.

This factory is placed within a green-development-zone with multiple greenhouses and tree orchards with Bio-labs. As a result we we can do “in-house” testing and developing for our Agricultural products locally. Rather than having to send samples back to The Netherlands, this is a lot ‘leaner and greener’.

Thanks to the teamwork between our Dutch, Spanish, American and Mexican teams we were able to build this factory and develop the area for our future R&D in green industries. Making this mountainside the greenest in the area.

Using as much natural energy as possible, like gravity instead of pumps, sun for heating, nights for cooling. The whole team worked together for a successful job completion.

The Future of Aquaresins

How we are going to merge the History of Aquaresins Technologies, with the Future of Aquaresins Technologies?
Above all, by chasing our mission, certainly bearing in mind our vision at all times.


To further develop production techniques and applications within the existing fields of activities:

  • Industrial applications
  • Agro related applications
  • Insulating applications
  • Research & Development of resins & polymers


We live by the following lines

“ Think Global, Act Local ”
” Team Efforts Achieve More Succes  (TEAMS) “

Through a quality network of daughter companies/joint ventures.
And through independent dealer/ distributor organisations, with local facilities and equipment for local foam production, we endeavour to further expanding.

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