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Research & Development.

As producer of leading resins that are ready for tomorrow we can't stop developing. For that reason we've got our own in house research & development laboratory. Especially developing new technologies to improve current products and invent new ones.

Aquaresins Technologies

What are our most renown developments?

  • Injection resins for closing leakages in pipelines.
  • Injection resins for soil stabilisation.
  • Polymer resins
  • Water absorbing hardfoams
  • Water blocking foam injections
  • Insulating hardfoams
Research & Development for industrial applications

Industrial developments

One of our recent industrial developments is one we’ve created together with GMB in The Netherlands.

A quick setting resin that can be applied by robots in leaking pipelines to prevent further damage and washouts.

For more information about GMB and their solutions, visit their website via the button below. If you want to know more about our industrial applications? Visit our Benefil page.

Visit GMB
About Aquaresins Research & Development - Partners

Insulating solutions

We created Enveriline for the development of our insulating solutions.

Enverifoam XD  &  Enverifoam Lite

Two of the insulating hardfoams created with resins produced by Aquaresins. In order to do this our Research & Development lab have spent many years testing and improving the base product. Significantly improving the insulating values and applicability.

To summarize, we’d like to invite you to the Enveriline Website. For more information on Enverifoams and the rest of the Enveriline.

Research & Development for Agricultural Hardfoam Media


By making the hardfoam in a certain manner. Specifically for substrates we can make it to absorb water and still maintain a necessary amount of air.

This way we can create a healthy growing environment for vegetation. But for roofs it needs to be lightweight. However a lot of soils and other products are too heavy for the building. But by using hardfoam you can still create the ever more intense roofgarden.

In addition this is one of the ways we like to attribute to a greener and healthier environment.

Resins Agro

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