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Agricultural Applications.

Agricultural applications are the solutions that we offer for water saving substrates.

Agricultural applications?

What we mean by this?
The substates that our partners offer as a growing media.

"Twice the Green, Half the Water"

Resins Agro

As the quote says, we get the plants twice as green, with half the water.
Water saving is a major issue in our current climate.

Having an inert growing media greatly improves crop quality & control.
Being able to grow on a media with hydroponic techniques has proven to be the way forward in future cultivation.

For more information about our green applications;
Visit Resins Agro’s website.

If you’re interested in when we created our substrates, visit our history page.

Resins Agro
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Which applications should I think of?

As shown in the image-reel above, we offer a great amount of green solutions.
The hardfoams are created to achieve a perfect water/air ratio in the substrate.

Resins Agro is our “green” sister company within the Aquaresins Group of companies.
They develop the substrates and market out the goods worldwide. Our partners that offer our substrates will do so from Resins Agro.

Almost any plant cultivated in greenhouses throughout the world will benefit from the use of our substrates.
Using our foam, and a well balanced ‘diet’ of nutrients, your plants will thrive more than ever before.

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