Aquaresins Products line.

Aquaresins is the manufacturer of the base components for many products.

  • Insulation products
  • Agricultural Products
  • Industrial Products

Products for the future

Here's where we'd like to introduce you to the variety of Aquaresins products that we supply. And express the diverseness of our company. Active in Industrial, Agricultural and Insulating, all helping the world to become a greener place.


Our insulating hardfoams; EnveriFoam XD & EnveriFoam Lite, are leading hardfoam materials for cavity wall insulation. The XD being the flagship of the product line, and the Lite being the youngest member to the product family. Both have their own strengths and uses. For more information check out the ‘Insulating products page’.


Agriculture, ‘green industries’. Has a very broad meaning at Aquaresins Technologies. Cause the products made by Resins Agro are so diverse, they can be used for horticultural and hydroponic growing. But also mixed with soils to be applied on sports fields, golf courses and roof gardens. Even for vertical gardens we have special solutions to keep the water in the right place for the plants. Check out our ‘Agricultural products page’.


Wether it’s a small void you need filling, a quay wall that’s washing out or a floor that needs raising. Resins Industry and Benefil have the right solutions for your problems. With industrial grade hardfoams with densities varying from RG22 to RG50. (and even higher and lower if need be) Our foams are your solution. To find out more about the foams and the corresponding densities, visit the ‘Industrial products page’.

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