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Industrial products.

Mineshafts, tanks, quaywalls, pipelines, sunken floors. All Industrial applications filled with the RG22, RG30 or RG50 hardfoams

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Our industrial grade foams

Besides being lightweight the foam is also very strong. Equally important is that we can apply the foam with the least interruption to the location. For this reason we’ve developed a stand alone units that can be built in to a truck. Similarly we can build pallet sized units for individual transport to difficult locations.

Interestingly, our units are capable of foaming different densities of foam. For instance RG22 for pipelines and RG50 for floorlifting.

To demonstrate our skills, the button below links to the projects page of Resins Industry. To enumerate our three main products, we’ve summed them up on this page below.

Industrial Projects
Benefil RG22 hardfoam


Our most commonly applied industrial hardfoams worldwide!

Mostly used for filling:

  • Redundant pipelines
  • Old tanks
  • Void filling applications
Benefil RG22
Injectie amsteldoks


Our medium density. Stronger than RG22, more affordable than RG50.

The main uses are:

  • Quay walls
  • Washouts
  • Voids near the surface or that require more structural support
Benefil RG30
Benefil RG50 hardfoam


The strongest out of the three.

RG50 is the foam used for floor lifting applications and voids that require high structural strength because of traffic or constructions above.

Benefil RG50

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Industrial hardfoams

Our industrial applications in The Netherlands are performed by Resins Industry. Outside of our country, we’ve got many local partners. Before becoming a partner they all receive prior training and instructions on operation and more.

Even if you live outside of The Netherlands, feel free to contact us! We’ll make sure to answer your questions asap, or make sure our local dealer gets in touch with you.

A few of our partners are mentioned on our partner page on this website.

Densities of our industrial hardfoams:

Below you’ll find a few densities that can be applied and/or delivered by us. The RG22, RG30 and RG50.

Of course we have many more densities and applications available. These are to be found on our other pages.


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