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Cavity wall insulating hardfoams. Wether it's an empty cavity or already insulated and needs improvement, EnveriFoam is your answer.

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EnveriFoam XD

The best insulating hardfoam out there.

We’v had 36 years of producing speciality resins for various applications. Consequently, we say that with confidence.
High quality foam for home insulating. Strength and Durability are the keywords that come to mind with EnveriFoam XD. In other words, no fluffy, soft material that deteriorates quickly. But a powerful product for years of quality insulating.



Enveri wall insulation

EnveriFoam Lite

The Lite variant of our insulating hardfoams.

After years of experience with XD and feedback from our clients, we’ve successfully met their demand. To create a quality product that works with older types of application pumps and units.

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Both products are a part of the the insulation product line; “EnveriLine“. With our two EnveriFoam types we want to show the world that renewable insulating materials are the future.

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Why EnveriFoam is

Future proof

Firstly the great insulating values, strength and durability of the foam. This guarantees longevity and shows that we’re ready for the future of your house. In addition the possibility to recycle the foam in an environmentally friendly. In conclusion, we take care of the future of our kids.

Especially nowadays, being ready for the future is key. For instance, some building companies are obliged to follow new types of guidelines and can only use renewable materials. In addition to those regulations, homeowners also want the best for their kids. So EnveriFoam XD & Lite are our answers.


Insulating products

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