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Agriculture, Hydroculture, Hydroponics and many more options are available.

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The versatility of our foams

Our agricultural hardfoam media. So many growing forms, just as many foams.

For all your types of growing, we offer the right growing media. Wether you want to ensure perfect watering regimes and no interference with nutrients. Our neutralised and inert Fytocell offers the answer for hydroponic systems keeping the water at the roots of the plants. There where it’s needed most.

Or if you need a water saving media under the golf course green. Mixing Fytofoam through the soil offers the perfect water buffer for the rootsystem and will give you major water savings!  We have run tests where up to 50%+ reported.

Fytocell flakes


Foam growing media geared towards the professional market. In addition also for hydroponic systems, golf courses and landscaping.

Wether being used to grow on 100% Fytocell, or a mix of 30% Flakes and 70% sweet sand. The Fytocell flakes provide the perfect media for the vegetation to grow on.

Research & Development for Agricultural Hardfoam Media


Our agricultural hardfoam media. We specifically designed to create a lightweight soil mixture, in short to improve roof and vertical garden systems.

Whilst maintaining the right amount of air, these flakes provide a fabulous water household. Above all our foam prevents drowning of the plants and creates a lightweight substrate. This way you can make a more intense garden, with a lower weight per m2.


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