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Enverifoam Insulation.

In 2016, after 32 years of experience in producing hardfoams, we developed Enverifoam as an insulating hardfoam.

What is Enverifoam?

Our insulating hardfoam made from our trusted and proven resin.

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Enverifoam is a unique product. It can be applied in the same cavity as old, deteriorated insulating materials and all without the need to remove the old materials first.

The insulating value is better than a lot of competing products and it is easy to apply.

Enverifoam is part of the Enveriline brand.

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How does Enverifoam work?


Just like all our hardfoams, Enverifoam is made using a combination of resin and hardener.

The Resin – EnveriHars
The Hardener – EnveriReact

Both components have been specially developed for insulating cavity-walls in houses, flats and offices. Whether it’s a new cavity or one where the old insulating material is not sufficient anymore; we can improve the building’s insulation value.


The equipment for applying Enverifoam was developed with portability in mind. A small unit, compact enough to fit in a van or trailer, with enough material onboard for 1-2 houses. The foaming-guns are also nimble enough to be carried like a backpack.

The Foam

Both components get pumped from the trailer to the insulator via a lightweight and flexible hose system.
In the carried foaming-gun the components are manually mixed and foamed before being injected into the wall as a ready product.
The components do not react with each other until they reach the nozzle of the foaming pistol, thus preventing the risk of generating excessive heat or over-expansion in their storage containers(IBC’s) or hoses.

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Types of Enverifoam

Enverifoam is available in more than one variant:

Enverifoam XD:

XD is our flagship insulating hardfoam.
The strongest, most durable hardfoam available for cavity wall filling.

Enverifoam Light:

Light is the newest member to the Enverifoam family.
A lighter density hardfoam, and slightly quicker to apply.

About Aquaresins - Enverifoam insulation

Cavity Wall Insulation

Cavity wall insulation has been a standard part of construction for a number of decades now but many of these older materials have either collapsed or deteriorated. As a result, little to no insulating value is present in many older buildings. By filling the cavity wall with Enverifoam you can ensure perfect insulation throughout the building.

“Almost any size cavity can be filled”

It doesn’t matter if the cavity is as small as 3cm or 11cm, like the picture on the left; almost any size cavity can be filled and insulated.

Likewise, if they’ve been pre-insulated or if it’s an empty cavity we can also fill them.

For more information, check out the Enveriline website, or use our contact form below.

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