Hardfoam videos

Hardfoam Videos.

As much as we enjoy telling you about our products and what we do, nothing illustrates that better than imagery. That's why we'd like to show you some of the videos below.

What can you do with

Aqua Resins Hardfoam?

Hardfoams created with the resin and hardener components developed by Aquaresins Technologies suit many different applications. Although none of these hardfoams are the same!

For example, for plant growth you need a lightweight foam capable of holding a lot of water. Specifically, 60% water! In contrast, an insulating hardfoam should not absorb any water!

Whilst neither of the previous foams need to be as dense and structurally strong as our industrial hardfoams. Industrial grade foams need to be strong enough to withstand the forces of heavy vehicles and machinery being used on the structure above.


Water Saving Substrates

More information about our water saving substrates, please visit Resins Agro.

About Aquaresins

Pipe Filling with Hardfoam

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Maeslantkering - Hardfoam videos - About Aquaresins

Void Filling

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Hardfoam videos - Vinkeveen

The Benefil Fleet - 2020

Benefil Nederland updated their fleet in 2020 with some brand new, state of the art trucks.

Click here for more information about Benefil.



More information about Enverifoam can be found on our insulation page.

Below you’ll see some insulation hardfoam videos that will tell you more about this application.

Hardfoam videos