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The fleet is complete

An upgrade to our message of last year, we've now completed our Benefil fleet to a total of 5 trucks.

  • April 6, 2021
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Benefil Fleet group photo

The latest addition

We have just finished our last addition to our truck fleet.
A small addition, but none the less very valuable to our jobs.

This DAF LF was delivered to us by Tilburg-Bastiaans Nijmegen. And just like the trailers, this one was also custom built to minimise the dimensions of the truck. Whilst maximising the output.
With this small unit we’ll be able to deliver 60-100m3 depending on the density.

It’s equipped with a double and a single foaming gun. Of which the single gun is a compact cart, attached to a 50m hose for small or difficult to reach projects. We can use it for projects in and around houses and manoeuvre it through a house if necessary.

700m3 of foam in one go?!

So with that last addition, we’re up to 5 trucks.
Technically capable of foaming 700m3 at once.

If you’d like to see more of what our fleet can do click the button below.
Or scroll down on this page for more images.

About our trucks

The Benefil Fleet:

  • 3x 200m3 foaming units
    Volvo FH 500 with custom STERK Trailers
  • 1x 100m3 foaming unit
    DAF LF with an extremely short wheel base of 3,60m
  • 1 3-axle taut liner
  • 1 single axle citytrailer

Special thanks to:
BAS Volvo Trucks
T-B DAF Trucks
STERK Trailers
Toon de Jong
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