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New Benefil Fleet

In 2020, we have expanded our new Benefil fleet. Already proudly presented on our Instagram account, now also to see here on our website.

  • August 1, 2020
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BAS Volvo Sterk Trailers - New Benefil Fleet

What have we added to our fleet?

  • 3 New foam units for our industrial foaming activities.
  • 1 3-axle taut liner for our own transport within the Benelux.
  • 1 single axle citytrailer for our own transports within The Netherlands.

Special thanks to BAS Volvo Trucks for the 3 new Volvo FH500 models.
And Sterk Trailers for all custom built trailers.

To see what we do with our foaming units, we’ve got extensive case studies on our Resins Industry website.

A single trailer can produce between 150 and 200m3 of foam!

BAS Volvo Sterk Trailers

The units in our new Benefil Fleet

A single, stand alone trailer, kan foam 150 to 200 cubic meters of foam, depending on the required density. With the pumpsystems and foaming units, we can foam up to 150m3 per hour!

500m3 in 3,5 hours!

This way, we’re able to apply very large volumes of foam, in short timeframes. Completely stand alone! And for very large volumes it’s possible to work with multiple trucks to increase the maximum capacity to more than 500m3 in 3,5 hours. Ideal for emergency void fills. For example mine-shafts, weak floors or washouts that pose immediate danger.

Usually though, the trucks are used for filling way smaller volumes. More often than not varying from 0,1m3 to 100m3

Example projects

A few examples of projects we’ve done you can view via the links below;

The trailers used for our internal transports, are used to stock up the stockpile at our partners in the whole Benelux. For both insulation and industrial applications.

With the new trucks and trailers, we’re future-proof for a while again.

With the newest and cleanest emission classes for the trucks, we’re allowed to enter most European cities without special exemptions.

(If you’ve got any questions about city access or exemptions, you can contact us by phone; +31(0)487-593778.)

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