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Durability and Water savings with Resins Agro

As mentioned in our previous article. Resins Agro has been featured in the Dutch TV show; "Doe Maar Duurzaam". About the durability and water savings that our substrates offer.

  • January 4, 2021
  • 1 minutes read-time
Durable water savings TV

"Be Durable"

Doe Maar Duurzaam. Literally translated to; Be Durable.

A weekly tv show on one of The Netherlands’ prime business-channels. Featuring applications and solutions to make the world a greener and more environmentally friendly place with help of modern business ideas.

More information about Resins Agro can be found on our daughter-page, or on the Research-downloads page on this website. If you’d like more information about the products and services we offer? Contact us via our contactform.

Especially relevant is the durability and water savings our substrates offer.

The show features various products, applications and businesses that do a lot to improve the living environment.

As Alex also mentions in the episode; “Especially relevant is the water savings our substrates offer.” And that’s one thing that Resins Agro’s substrate foams excel in. For more information on Fytocell, Hydrocell, or any of our other substrates and solutions for water savings. For example, our vertical gardens and roof garden possibilities. We invite you to visit our Agro-website via the button below.

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