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Partner of the heart-foundation

Since the end of last year, we can proudly call ourselves partner of the Dutch heart-foundation. (Hartstichting)

  • February 10, 2021
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What does the "Hartstichting" do?

The Dutch heart-foundation fights against heart and vascular diseases. Every day, in The Netherlands alone, approximately 107 people die from heart and vascular diseases.

In The Netherlands, there’s more than 1 million heart and vascular patients. In 2020 that was 1.3 million patients.

Thats why the ‘Hartstichting’ invests in research, education and patient care. About 50% of the money goes to research.

The ‘Hartstichting’ doesn’t receive any government support. Their work can only be done by financial support from the Dutch citizens and businesses.

The Netherlands has more than 1 million 'heart and vascular patients'.

That is exactly why we, the Aquaresins group, have decided to become a partner of:

‘Heart for the business’ A dutch saying for being committed to the cause, or being a company man. Well fitting for businesses cooperating with the heart-foundation.


As a research-partner corona, we hope to contribute to doing heart research with and after corona. So remedies can be found for better care for heart-patients with the coronavirus and heart damage from previously, healthy people.


If you’d like more information, or help the same cause? Follow the button below to the website from the ‘Hartstichting’. (Note; the website is only available in Dutch)

Hart voor de zaak