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Enveriline Certification and Insulation cards

In the beginning of 2020, we started with the implementation of the Enveriline Certification and Insulation cards.

  • June 16, 2020
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Isolatietopper Isolatiepas - Enveriline Certification and Insulation cards


We have a lot of responsibility for the quality of the Enveri-products. Both as a producer of the components, but also as a supplier to the insulating companies.

To warrant the quality of applying our products, we’ve set up minimum requirements to the companies working with Enveriline products. Wether it’s for Enverifoam XD or Light, EnveriOpen or EnveriClosed or one of our other products in the Enverline. We try to warrant this by certifying the insulators on a regular interval.

The card will become mandatory!

The card can be acquired by all Enveriline insulating specialists. On condition that they’ve successfully completed a course at EnveriLine, and passed for the theory and practical exam.

On the image, you see the proud, first recipients of the Enveriline certification and insulation cards earlier this year.

Currently the following Dutch companies (dealers/insulators) have received their certification for their teams.

  • Isolatietopper
  • GW Isolatie
  • Isolatiebeer

In 2021 it will become mandatory, to have at least one qualified person per insulating team. The qualification is held per insulation type. Both the certificate and the card show the products someone is qualified for. Additionally, these certificates  are personal and valid for 18 months.


We also organise special courses and instructions for the sellers and representatives for the Enveri-products. By receiving the proper instructions from the manufacturer, you are guaranteed of the proper knowledge to sell the products on the right conditions. Good for the client, and good for the insulating company.

Are you an insulator, or do you own an insulating company and are you interested in our products? Then take a look on our Enveriline website, under; Become a dealer.

When you as a homeowner want more information about Enverifoam, then check out the page of certified Enveri-specialists!

Wat does Enveriline do?

With the Enveriline, we supply you with products for insulating walls, floors and roofs. For more information, check out the Enveriline website.

If you’ve got more questions about our certificates or products, we’d love to hear from you. Contacting us, is possible via the form of information on the contact page.


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