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Foaming in the Kronenburgerpark!

Last week (end of 2020) we've been busy filling the tunnels in the Kronenburgerpark in Nijmegen (The Netherlands) with our Benefil Hardfoams.

  • December 17, 2020
  • 1 minutes read-time
Tunnels in Kronenburgerpark vullen

Tunnels in the Kronenburgerpark

Unsuspectingly, Nijmegen’s citizens walk the paths in the park. Unaware of the large tunnels that lie under the park.

Today, these tunnels house several live pipes and cables. However, the tunnels in Kronenburgerpark themselves are currently not serving a purpose anymore.

The reasons for filling the tubes are explained below.

Tunnels in Kronenburgerpark

Filling the ducts.

Because they are no longer in service, the ducts are filled with our Benefil Hardfoam.

The ducts are so large, that at some points we had to foam with 2 trucks at the same time. While using 6 to 8 foam guns at the same time.

In the photos you can see the combination of our old and new trucks. Once again; We are so proud of our new fleet!
(And given how much work we’ve had going on the last months, we are glad we still have the old ones!)

Risk of collapse is a thing of the past.

The reasons to fill these types of ducts can differ per client.

We often hear that it is done for a combination of factors.
There is no longer any place for vermin, no more washes can occur. Also the risk of collapse is a thing of the past after being filled.

Tunnels in the Kronenburgerpark